Retreat Menu Planning

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Retreat destination, check! Fabulous accommodations, you know it! Itinerary, done! Now let’s get down to the good stuff… the customized retreat menu. Each group visiting Topia is unique, and we proudly accommodate the specific dietary needs of our guests. In efforts to craft a seamless, effortless retreat for each leader, Topia curates a menu specific to the requests of each individual guest. Our menu is set up to be easily modified for vegan, vegetarian and food allergies. As with all aspects of retreat planning, providing nourishment for a group requires intention, down to the last crumb.  

Catering to the individual goals and needs of each guest is a top priority at Topia. Retreat menu planning begins 90 days prior to the trip. The menu begins to take shape when Topia’s manager sends a form to our Leaders requesting dietary preferences. Topia takes dietary needs seriously, therefore it is crucial that our Leaders receive and communicate these requests clearly. A guest requesting vegan will receive a vegan option the entire retreat without fail. Even on the Taco Tour!

Topia Retreat Center Pescadero Playa Los Cerritos Todos Santos Baja California Sur

Topia Retreat offers clean eating options with a dash of decadence. After all, a retreat is all about treating yourself! Some of our favorite menu items are tropical fish or vegan ceviche, fish with fine herbs, flan, wood-fired pizzas, avocado toast with chickpea scramble and chilaquiles. Freshness comes easily in this part of the world, with the seafood straight from the Pacific ocean in front, and produce harvested from the surrounding fields of El Pescadero. 

Our goal is to satisfy the bellies of our retreat guests, while relieving the pressure for our leaders to cater to each individual need. Advance, intentional menu planning results in delicious cuisine that is the core of every trip. Topia handles the details and always delivers greatness. Buen provecho!

Topia Retreat Center Pescadero Playa Los Cerritos Todos Santos Baja California Sur

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