Topia: Where Mexican Food is Healthy Food

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At Topia, where nature meets nurture, we are proponents for meals that are healthy for mind, body, and soul. The Mexican-inspired dishes we serve are not only delicious and nutritious, they have a special something that leaves guests feeling cared for… call it love. 

Surprise: Mexican Food is Healthy Food

At Topia, we love to highlight the complexly nutritious and delicious aspects of traditional Mexican food. As a huge country with 32 diverse states, “Mexican” food is a bit more nuanced and far more healthy, than what some may expect. With varying topography, fertile soil, and a long history, Mexico has beautifully intricate, culturally rich cuisine that often calls for fresh and healthy ingredients.

The Culinary Melting Pot of Baja California Sur

As a relatively young, culinary melting pot, Baja Sur offers a fusion of cuisine combining traditional items from other regions like Oaxaca and the Yucatan, mixed with what is available and fresh locally. In our quaint Baja community, we are fortunate to have a plethora of beautiful locally sourced ingredients that grow almost literally in our backyard.

A stone’s throw away from the steps at Topia are dozens of small-scale farms harvesting an array of delicious fruits and vegetables, greens, and herbs from native-local growers. Because of our temperate microclimate, we enjoy diverse fresh, local produce autumn through early summer. Abundant water and fertile soil in this special oasis ecosystem encourage these crops to prosper. 

International and Vegan influences

Food in Baja is not just for omnivores! While deliciously prepared fish, beef, pork, and chicken are common staples in traditional fare, Baja Sur offers plant-based diversity in its dry and moderate climate perfect for winter, spring, and autumn harvest. Additionally, local goat cheese and organic eggs from happy chickens are all within arm’s reach. 

As an international hub with residents from all over the world, El Pescadero and neighboring Todos Santos have restaurants with fantastic Italian, Japanese, French, and American influences. In addition, a growing number of vegan restaurants have popped up, as well as  grocers offering plant-based proteins and nutritious and delicious locally-sourced ingredients. 

With this abundance of local fresh diversity, Topia’s chefs leave our plant-based eaters just as satisfied as our connoisseurs of carne. Just imagine our tasty avocado toast with chickpea scramble, arugula salad & salsa macha. It checks all the boxes!

El Pescadero: Fish is Our Town’s Namesake

If you love fish, you will love the food in Baja Sur. Topia Retreat Center is on the southwestern corner of a small pueblo called El Pescadero, which translates to “The Fisherman” in English. With El Pescadero’s tiny tranquil cove at nearby Punta Lobos, every afternoon, a handful of local fishermen return with panga-boatloads of fresh, clear-eyed catch. An abundance of tuna, yellowtail, dorado (mahi-mahi), red snapper, grouper, mackerel and marlin can be brought from boat to plate in a matter of hours. 

Fresh fish like this is delicious simply grilled with olive oil, lime, and salt, however, our chefs make mouth-watering fish tacos with a selection of fresh toppings and savory salsas.

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