A Prepared Guest is a Happy Guest

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The purpose of leading a retreat is to create an experience in which your guests are able to grow and let go. A big part of letting go is removing decision making from the equation. Guests need to be informed in order to anticipate their upcoming travel and will get the most out of their time on retreat. With advance preparation, leaders are more organized and retreaters feel more comfortable.

These leader efforts avoid travel angst and create a harmonious atmosphere upon arrival:

1. Communicate Logistics Clearly & Early!

Set your guests up for success! In order to avoid confusion, it is essential that group leaders communicate retreat guidelines clearly. 

Topia logistics to share with retreaters:

  • Travel logistics, specifically arrival & departure timing. Guests are excited and want to book their flights, so it is imperative they understand the recommended timing well. 
  • If guests choose to arrive before or after a shuttle window, they will be responsible for either waiting or scheduling and paying for their private transportation. 
  • While Uber does exist in Los Cabos, it’s rare that an Uber will come to Pescadero. In the ride share era, we want guests to know Uber is not a reliable option when visiting Topia. 
  • Private transportation through our preferred drivers will cost a guest $230 USD each way. With that being said, it is in the best interest of everyone to arrive within the recommended time window and participate in shared transportation. 
  • We suggest travel insurance for this reason as well. Should a guest miss their shuttle due to an airline issue, travel insurance should cover the additional transportation fees. (ask when purchasing!)

Topia Retreat Center Baja California Sur Mexico

2. Have an Open Line of Communication!

Maintaining an open line of communication always makes guests feel safe and prepared. In our experience, guests have a lot of questions in the final month before retreat. Leaders, this is your time to shine! 

Retreat elements we recommend you share:

  • Your retreat itinerary and general schedule so guests know what they’re signing up for.
  • Your menu and request dietary preferences early on. 
  • Inform your guests that the nearest ATM is in Todos Santos, therefore they should withdraw pesos at the airport ATM for spending money. 

Topia Retreat Center Baja California Sur Mexico Yoga Retreat

3. Involve Guests with Topia's Community/Environmental Efforts!

Leaders who inform their guests of facilities guidelines set the tone for a smooth retreat entrance. Upon arrival, Topia’s owner, Chelle, will lead an orientation to Topia's conservation and community efforts. We want guests to expect this segment of their retreat, and know that in participating in these efforts, they are a part of the solution rather than the dilemma. 

Important points to share with your guests include: 

  • Be mindful of water usage. Take shorter showers & please and request linen changes only when necessary. Bonus points to those who monitor their wine glass. When living in the desert, every drop counts!
  • There are many ways to save power when visiting Topia. Close the windows when using the ac, and always turn the ac off when not using is the best way to conserve. We request low light after 9pm to enjoy the night sky, and respect the turtles who nest on the beach in front. 
  • Packing mindfully to avoid unnecessary waste is key. We ask that guests return home with packaging they do bring in. Topia does not allow outside food, drink or single use items to manage waste as well. 

4. Build Community Before Retreat Begins!

To ensure a seamless preparation process, we highly recommend a group Zoom call. This is a great resource to help guests get to know each other and ensure folks who aren't much for reading email get all of the necessary information. We are happy to be on a group video call to clearly answer any questions about Topia, just let us know! 


We firmly believe that there are no bad retreat guests, however there can be unprepared ones. Our goal is to avoid any issues in advance to ensure the most enriching retreat possible!

After all, a prepared guest is a happy guest! 

Topia Retreat Center Baja California Sur Mexico

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