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To the Community and Visitors of Pescadero & Todos Santos:  

Topia opened in fall 2020, and we have been falling more in love with the Pescadero community as we have shared it with our guests. It is truly a dream come true to be creating this space here in Pescadero. We are Chelle & Kris Swierz, it’s a pleasure to meet you all. 

At Topia we work directly with group leaders who bring in their guests for yoga and wellness retreats. Being a positive contributor to the Pescadero and Baja Sur community is a priority at Topia. We would like to take this moment to introduce Topia's ethos philosophy.

From the beginning, we engrain the importance of conservation and mindful living practices with our group leaders and their guests.  Our aim is to attract the right visitors who will respect and honor the law of the local land. We are thorough with how we bring leaders and guests into our facility, and oversee their interaction with the environment. Social responsibility is layered on thick like sunscreen around here, below are some ways we lead by example.

Topia retreat center pescadero baja california sur mexico

  • Members of the Topia team donate time and money toward turtle preservation by helping save nests and maintaining a light curfew (dimmed night lighting) so as to not scare away wildlife. We also have a noise curfew to respect the Baja midnight tradition as well as our neighbors.  
  • Topia proudly supports the Pescadero Bomberos and Paramedic emergency service. These emergency workers are 100% volunteer and rely on community donations to survive. 
  • Topia is on the board of Grupo Madre Teresa, a local charity dedicated to bringing food and supplies to the underserved neighborhoods in Pescadero.
  • Our facilities are simple, each space unique and intentional. We have 6 suites, and we live on the property. Our furniture is made locally from reclaimed lumber.
  • Our food waste is separated, everything will be worked back into the land. We want our guests to contribute as a part of their experience. We have low flow sinks and toilets. And a waste treatment system, not septic, that filters sewage into usable grey water for plants. Because water shortage is always an issue, we will encourage guests to conserve with signage and smarter options.
  • Topia is a plastic free zone. We are committed to keeping plastic off our property and out of landfills. Locally sourced container-free bathroom products are provided. Guests are asked to bring reusable water bottles and provide filtered water throughout the property. We do not offer or sell bottled water or beverages on our property. We are very aware of the impact unintentional waste management can have!
  • A drinking filtration system is a part of our design with the intentions of curbing the use of plastic water bottles.
  • Topia is proud to be a tax-paying Mexican corporation. In addition, we pay for health care, and all else as required by Mexican law. We pay fair wages and currently work with a well-respected team. In preparation for our opening, Topia is currently hiring local holistic workers and tour operators. We intend to establish life-long partnerships within the local community and want our employees to create a legacy for themselves and for their families.
  • We have food catered, therefore avoiding the Costco kitchen stocking many single family homes provide. When guests aren’t eating at Topia, they are encouraged to tour the area and eat at various restaurants to spread the wealth in the community. We shop locally, down to the mattresses, lighting and decor. We recommend group transportation to discourage unnecessary cars on our roads. To lighten the load, we have limited in-house laundry standards. 

Topia Retreat Center Pescadero Baja California Sur Mexico

This is the beginning of our Topia family, and we want to grow in the most respectful way possible. We live on-site and will be present at Topia to ensure things are smooth and respectful. 

Feel free to send feedback, or ways we can improve our presence in the community via email: and learn more about Topia at or on Instagram @topiaretreat 

Thank you for your time.

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