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When we say full service, we mean full service. Topia’s planners are ready to curate your retreat according to your goals and niche. Once we’ve prepared the exciting details of your adventure in paradise, Topia provides group leaders with marketing and sales support. We want to ensure that group leaders have the foundation needed to support a successful retreat. By preparing group leaders with substantial information to share with your community, it's easy to convey the beauty and amenities of Topia with your audience. This means marketing your retreat is a breeze, because Topia is prepared to launch your sales in a winning direction.


Retreat Marketing Materials

  • We send our group leaders a marketing presentation to inform and endorse Topia Retreat. We spotlight Topia’s top selling points so group leaders can focus on developing an enriching wellness program to share with participants.
  • Topia will include retreats on the Topia website, sharing dates, leaders, and other unique information to increase bookings. We also promote retreats booked at Topia on social media platforms.
  • Our media is your media! We distribute photo and video folders so you are stocked up with relevant content to share on your social media and website.
  • We are all about cross-promoting on social media, so the more engaged you are, the more engaged we will be! This means if you tag us on social, we will comment and share to get the word out.

We are grateful for the opportunity to share this beautiful paradise with our local community and groups. When our guests leave Topia, we want them to feel completely relaxed, nurtured, and recharged. Part of the Topia experience is respecting limited natural resources. Topia is doing everything possible with our retreat concept and guest communication to ensure minimal impact

Topia Retreat center is the safe, adventurous and supportive environment group leaders need to run retreats in Baja Sur, Mexico. This boutique retreat center is ideal for groups of 10-22 guests from yoga studios, yoga teachers and professional coaches. The space is also ideal for small business owners looking to host team-building offsite getaways where their employees can disconnect and recharge.

We embrace a quality over quantity mentality at Topia Retreat, and are abundantly grateful to share this experience with our guests. Topia Retreat, where nature meets nurture.

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