Topia Retreat Package Descriptions

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The Topia Yoga Retreat 

We invite you to indulge in the self-care you deserve on the Topia signature Yoga Retreat. This wellness focused retreat offers a nature infused experience that will refresh your soul. Disconnect from it all, and breathe in that sweet ocean air. Let the stress melt away as you settle into a peaceful state of mind, and allow the staff to take care of the details. All of the amenities you need are available, and you can do as much, or as little as you’d like. This time is all about you! 

Soak up the sunshine and explore the Pacific coast on your morning walk. Where the desert meets the sea in a truly magical way. It’s easy to admire the flora and fauna all day long. You know the saying, a walk a day keeps the doctor away. It’s healthy living at its best! 

Speaking of living your best life, let’s talk about our retreat fare. All of the meals around here are made of the freshest locally sourced ingredients, and a whole lotta love. Enjoy vibrant flavors of the land and sea while experiencing a creative approach to clean eating. 

For those ready to check surfing off their bucket list, this retreat offers a chance to immerse yourself in the Pacific ocean with the surf pros at Mario’s Surf School. The instructors will make sure you are safe, have a great time and really get a feel for what surfing is all about. 

A day in Todos Santos completes the retreat, allowing you to absorb the local culture of Pueblo Magico. Learn about the history of this area, spend time meandering through the historical center galleries and shops.

Exhale and let it all go with daily yoga in our exquisite ocean view studio with floor to ceiling windows.You’re sure to catch sight of the many whales and dolphins passing by! Our studios ceiling fans, and the windows can be opened as well.  We happily provide all of the yoga amenities you will need, mats, blocks, bolsters and straps. So after you heat up your core, you can be sure to enjoy that fresh sea breeze. Melt into our mats, and let the magic of Yoga take over. Namaste!

A Taste of Baja Foodie Retreat 

In search of Baja’s best tacos? Then this retreat is for you! Topia’s Foodie retreat is designed to sample the local cuisine, understand the significance of local ingredients and the cultural eating customs. Our curated taco tour will deliver the tasty treats you’ve been craving. Do you like it spicy? Sample the various salsas and test your picante limits! 

In addition to eating at local eateries, this retreat offers a hands-on opportunity to learn local recipes. This is the perfect skill to bring home with you to share with your family and enjoy the flavors of Baja for years to come. 

Much of Mexico’s organic food industry is sourced from the Pescadero farming valley that surrounds Topia. We consider this a true gift from nature and invite you to enjoy the local harvests. 

Don’t forget the wine, tequila and Mezcal! Our Baja wine sommelier has a wine and tequila experience you do not want to miss! And while we’re indulging, let us offer you some locally handcrafted dark chocolate and damiana. 

Nothing ties it all together quite like yoga, to help reflect, unwind and settle into a relaxed way of Baja life. Nurture yourself  by letting it all go in our ocean view studio, using provided mats, blocks, bolsters and straps. The Baja Foodie lifestyle is a good one, you’re in for a real treat! 

Baja Cultural Retreat 

Away we go into a new world that will shift your perspective and enlighten you. Welcome to the real Baja, the wild west of Mexico. Artists of every genre have flocked to this area for years, allured by the stunning scenery and warm culture. On this retreat, we will tour local art galleries for a peak into the colorful world of Baja life. Experience the beauty of Mexico through painting, sculpture and in the architecture of the beautiful Pueblo Magico of Todos Santos. 

Getting to the roots of local handicrafts, we will spend a day in the beautiful Sierra mountains, exploring a completely different ecosystem that is bursting with life, and it’s own local culture. Pottery making is a traditional lifestyle in Baja Sur’s mountain area. The material they use is barro which is the mud clay sourced in the river beds of the Sierra de la Laguna mountains. This is how traditional cookware has been made in Baja Sur for centuries, and experiencing these artists create pots, plates, and other custom pieces is truly mesmerizing. After the morning tour, you’ll enjoy a traditional ranch lunch made over an open fire, using clay cookware. You even get to purchase some of the unique handmade pieces and take them home!

You can’t forget the wine tequila and mezcal! Our Baja wine sommelier has a wine and tequila experience you do not want to miss! The best part of indulging in the culture and food is by tying it all together with yoga, to help reflect, unwind and settle into a relaxed way of Baja life. Nurture yourself  by letting it all go in our ocean view studio, using provided mats, blocks, bolsters and straps. This enriching tour through Baja Sur’s culture  will satisfy your traveling soul. 

Land & Sea Adventure Retreat

For adventure seekers and ocean lovers. This retreat package explores Baja’s best activities, complemented by a yoga program that is designed for athletes. Activity enthusiasts need to slow it down from time to time in order to refresh for the next excursion! 

Whether surfing has been on your list of must-try sports or you’ve been getting barrelled for years, this retreat offers the chance to explore the spectacular Los Cerritos and San Pedrito surf breaks. 

Deep sea fishing is a thrilling excursion to try out on the Pacific ocean, and happens to be on the bucket list for many adventure seekers. Launching Panga boats into the surf and beyond is thrilling in itself. The rest of the day is spent scouring the waters of Pescadero for fish such as dorado, sea bass and tuna. 

If desert off-roading is calling your name, this retreat is for you too! Explore the vast open desert and surrounding valleys the rugged way. Mountain biking or ATV excursions are the ultimate way to see this area and disconnect.

Stretch out your legs after time on the water on serene local hikes. We’ll send you out with a guide, picnic and essentials so you are prepared for adventure!

Daily yoga for athletes will focus on different muscle groups used in the activities. Gentle stretching and conditioning to support longevity and endurance.

You can also create your own adventure depending on which activities are in season, there is always something new and exciting to do. When the daily adventure is over, you can relax and take in the sunset over the Pacific in our jacuzzi and soak those sore muscles away before waking up and doing it all again. This is vacation mode at its best!


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