At Topia, Primavera is in Early Autumn.

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It’s not what you’d think. Baja’s high season––January through March––is a fabulous time to visit Topia Retreat’s Pacific desert oasis to nurture the city right out of you. The energy in town is buzzing, the weather is crisp, and the whales are doing their magic dances everywhere you look on the coastal horizon.

But there is still a time of year that takes the cake (or flan, rather) for our most beloved season at Topia.

Here are five reasons why October and November is Topia’s favorite season in Baja California Sur:

1. The desert is green and blooming after September showers.

Baja California Sur gets most of its rain for the year in September. With around 3 inches downpouring in one humid month, the desert thirst is quenched, and seemingly dormant flora come to life. 

While we seem to notice a new type of bloom each season, we have a few favorites. The mesquite’s yellow fuzzy blossom, the pink petals of the barrel cactus, various types of purple desert morning glories, and the striking red trumpet flower of a Magdelena cactus… are all uniquely stunning. On your morning or sunset hikes around Topia, the desert fragrance is uniquely earthy and uplifting. 

2. There’s a buzz in the air as the weather starts to cool.

The desert is green and teeming with life among the blooms. It feels like a sort of Spring, as locals emerge after a two-month hibernation from humidity and heat, and the town comes to life again. With the welcoming of the whales, everything feels new and possible. 

3. Whales and turtles are making their first appearances:

While 8 different species of whale migrate to Baja Sur in the Fall, grey, humpback, and blue whales are the most abundant, and can be seen breaching and playing wildly close to shore. As they enjoy the warm waters after a roughly 5,000 mile journey from Alaska, their joy is contagious. Come March, once they have birthed their calves, they will start the journey north again. 

A Fun Baja Factoid: Just when you think Baja Sur could not get any more magical, you learn that it is not uncommon to see orca in the Sea of Cortez an hour east! They are usually seen in pods of three to six whales in winter, spring, and summer.

I Like Turtles.

An added treasure on Topia’s list of animal neighbors is the sea turtle. Three of the world’s seven species of sea turtle can be found on our beaches just meters from Topia. Beginning in the summer, female Leatherback, Olive Ridley and Black turtle take a break from years at sea to build between four to seven seven nests, laying up to 180 baby turtle eggs in a season. The eggs of sea turtles hatch between November through March. 

With local conservation programs, our sea turtles are protected from predators and manmade threats which contribute to their endangered species status. Factors like light pollution, illegal trade, by-catch, and destruction of their habitat are all contributing factors. Local turtle conservation efforts mitigate a few of these treats by protecting the eggs, and making sure the baby hatchlings make it out to sea. 

Topia offers ethical sea turtle hatchling experiences November through March! To learn about adding this to your next retreat experience, contact us! 

4. Flights are still more affordable.

October and November offer one of the most affordable times to fly into Los Cabos. Round-trip airfare starts at around $350 from Seattle, and $200 from Los Angeles (Google, August 2023). Topia’s shuttles will pick you up at the airport, so once you arrive, you can drop all worries about the details. You relax, we handle everything

5. Warm seas, warm nights.

When many think of Baja, they think of warm summer nights and swimming in warm seas. Visitors in the winter months are often surprised how chilly it can get after the sun goes down over the Pacific. Nights stay brisk often all the way through June, and the Pacific is surprising cold for half the year. 

October and November evenings are still often warm enough to leave your sweater in your room while you enjoy Chiles Rellanos in our outdoor dining room. The days may still be in the 90s, and vary into low 80s. Evenings are often a balmy 70 degrees and perfect for a 5 pm mocktail or one of Kris’s famous margaritas.

Surfing and water sports are a blast this season, as the water is delightfully warm and the waves are perfect at Cerritos, the only swimmable beach in the area (a 10 minute walk from Topia!)

While 2023 is fully booked for the Fall, we are now booking our Q4 2024 retreats! To start the process go here.

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