The Seasons of Baja: It’s Not What You’d Think!

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Curious when the best time to book your next retreat with Topia? Here is a helpful guide the the unique seasons of our beautiful microclimate within Baja California Sur. 

Baja’s seasons have their own rhythm. With climate change, they vary slightly, but our seasons at Topia go something like this:

  • January - March, Baja’s High Season: Lows in the 50s and Highs in the 80s - Dry and Sunny. Whales and sea turtles are abundant are abundant. Flights into Los Cabos are the most expensive. 
  • April - June: Pleasant temperature with cool nights in the 60s. Whales begin their migration north. 
  • July: Surprisingly pleasant! This transitional month has temperature highs between 80s - 90s, and summer evenings begin to warm. July is still dry and pleasant and flights to Los Cabos are more affordable. 
  • August & September: Warm Season. Don't let the heat keep you away!  Summer has its charm (including exceptional sunsets and a desert in full bloom) and we've got cold AC for a good night's rest.
  • October - December: Chef’s Kiss! This is our absolute favorite time of year. Grey, humpback, and even blue whales can be seen breaching and playing wildly close to shore. Several species of sea turtlesbabies begin hatching on our beaches. The weather is still cooling from a hot, humid summer, varying between highs of 90 and lows in the 70s. The desert is green and teeming with life among the blooms. It feels like a sort of Spring, when part-time residents return, full-time residents emerge from heat-induced hibernation, and the town comes to life again.

Did you know June and July is a best-kept secret at Topia? Enjoy big savings for early summer bookings with fantastic weather, quiet beaches, and all of the amenities and perks of a fully curated retreat experience. 

Contact us to learn more. 

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