Slow Living in Baja Sur

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Bienvenidos! Welcome to the Baja state of mind, a blissful zone that begins the moment you book a retreat at Topia Retreat in Baja California Sur. Upon landing in Cabo, the vacation vibes settle in and poco a poco, we unwind. What is this magic Baja has to offer? Well, it's the laid-back lifestyle, you see! 

The natural beauty of El Pescadero sets the stage for a journey of deep relaxation, mindfulness and grounding. The daily life in Baja Sur is never rigid, nor specific. It’s all about going with the flow and simply being present in paradise. 

While each retreat is unique at Topia, a few things remain consistent. The amazing views from our retreat center, outstanding hospitality team and a well-integrated mindful lifestyle. Mindfulness can be adapted to every waking moment of your day, it just takes awareness. This practice does wonders for the mind, body and soul. Our goal with each retreat experience is to offer a venue in which guests can anchor their breath into their bodies. To take a pause in the doing, a pause in the thinking, a pause in the action. Using this practice to become truly mindful and present for all of the incredible moments.


We incorporate the practice of slowing things down while surfing, hiking, and enjoying delicious Baja fare. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy every single vibrant flavor of local food with each bite?  We leave time in our itineraries to stroll, not rush. We even practice mindfulness when tasting tequila! Appreciating the character of each unique blend, while learning the heritage of Mexico’s favorite spirit. This, too, is mindfulness!

Slowing down means making space to observe every sensation from the body. To hear every sound, smell every scent, feel every shift in the ocean breeze. You’re not checking out, nor are you multitasking in any way. 

Slow living becomes a mantra after being repeated throughout the retreat and trickles into your daily life back at home. This is the work that makes the change guests wish to bring home from a retreat experience. This is the shift people need to heal, and thrive. To continue living our best lives, we have to actually slow down enough to be present every step of the way. 

We are relearning how to immerse ourselves in the practice of what we are already doing. Making the most of the time we have, dedicating moments to focus on wellness and mental well-being. We encourage our guests to remain in this Baja state of mind for as long as possible, and not return to their regular scheduled programming. When things get tough back in the “real world”, we can always close our eyes, take deep breaths, slow it down and mindfully continue to move about our day.

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