New Activities in 2024!

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When we offer more activity options for our Leaders, we enable enriching moments that align with a dream retreat vision. No retreat is exactly the same. While everyone loves their down time around Topia facilities, a well planned group adventure adds texture to an itinerary, bringing guests into the present moment. Intentional excursions and workshops also facilitate relationship building. You know we love watching the Topia community thrive! 

It’s a new year, which means the time has come to explore new opportunities. We are thrilled to announce new, unique activities for our Leaders to choose from in 2024! When coordinating retreat logistics on behalf of our Leaders, our goal is to curate a retreat itinerary that suits the unique goals and needs of each individual program. Let’s give a warm welcome to Topia’s new activity roster additions, Remedial Mixology and Ayurvedic Cooking. 


Our remedial mixology workshop, led by Victor, appeals to Leaders with retreat guests interested in the diverse flora of Baja Sur. A variety of medicinal plants grow right here in the wild Baja desert, and have traditionally been known to cure ailments. In this workshop, students will learn about the relationship between plants and people, and recognize the medicinal plants endemic to Mexico. Experience mixology with a curative purpose to have a positive impact on our health. Learn to integrate Mexican herbalism into daily life while creating healing cocktails and mocktails. 


The Ayurveda Cooking Workshop led by Sandra is a bite-sized introduction to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Get a taste of Ayurvedic cooking and nutrition through preparation of the traditional cleansing meal of kitchari. Learn how to balance your digestion and adjust your cooking based on your dosha and the seasons. You will get hands-on experience and a true elemental sense of this ancient healing and balancing lifestyle that you can take wherever you go.

Begin planning your dream retreat now, what are you waiting for? Contact our team today. Salud!




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