Leader Love: Marli Williams of Camp Yes Baja

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If half way through your retreat experience you fall in love, it has to be something magical, right? Mentor, educator, and retreat facilitator Marli Williams not only had a fantastic time hosting her first 2023 Camp Yes Baja here at Topia Retreat Center, she also fell head over heels for Journey, one of our Baja foster pups.  

In addition to this precious story now a part of Topia history forever, Marli is an incredible inspiration and we were so fortunate to have her fabulous energy here. 

Marli is an expert in empowering high performers, recovering perfectionists, and people pleasers to live a life that is in true alignment with their souls. With more than 10 years of experience as a mentor, guide, coach, educator and facilitator and an organizer & curator for TEDxWWU, Marli is most passionate about helping ambitious, driven women fully believe in themselves.

Marli's 2023 Camp Yes at Topia Retreat Center was a huge success, “Camp Magic” as she calls it:

“After all the retreats that I have led… Camp YES Baja 2023 was truly the most EPICALLY transformational retreat experience I have ever facilitated.

From the incredible location to the amazing people to the endless possibilities that unfolded, to the lightbulb moments and friendships that will last a lifetime.” 

- From Instagram, January 2023 @marliwilliams 

With Topia’s supportive staff, Marli was able to focus on leading Camp Yes and providing participants with a life-changing experience:

“Honestly, I knew the place was amazing, but the experience of leading a retreat there was more amazing that I even knew it could be. I LOVED having Karen's support with planning the excursions for the crew and how accommodating everyone was - including the attention to unique food needs and requests. You all make it so EASY for retreat leaders, truly. It was hands down the BEST experience I have ever had leading a retreat.”

Camp Yes Baja is coming back in January 2024, so mark your calendars and get ready to say YES to yourself and unlock your full potential in a beautiful and supportive environment.

You can check out more about her via her website, and follow her on Instagram. 

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