On The Taco Tour: Carnitas Miguel

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Nestled in Baja California Sur’s charming agricultural El Pescadero community, Topia Retreat guests have convenient access to delicious local Mexican cuisine, namely the beloved taco. 

Because our team here is driven to create an easy, relaxing experience both for our retreat leaders and our guests, we have curated tours for a true taste of Baja. 

When you aren’t practicing in our spacious yoga room with views of the Pacific, floating in our heated saltwater pool, or enjoying the delicious fare from our chef here at Topia, we have perfectly tailored excursions to make adventures off-site safe, streamlined, and memorable.

Carnitas Miguel offers vegan taco options

A Taco Tour Favorite: Carnitas Miguel

What would a journey down to Baja be without a taste of at least three different types of tacos?

Our team has made taco tasting on the town fun and easy. We’ve sampled them all, and are excited to share El Pescadero’s best with you. From Baja-style fish to carnitas, to vegan and vegetarian options, this tour will satisfy a wide variety of palates and dietary needs.

Perhaps the most authentic, and down-to-earth taste of local living is served at Carnitas Miguel. With a palapa roof and a dirt floor, the tacos here are a savory step beyond true street tacos. You will see everyone from truck drivers, to resident families, to international tourists dining here.

Walk in and take a seat on the (extremely clean) homemade wooden tables – if you are craving a cervesa, you’ll have to wait until the next stop on the tour, because Carnitas Miguel only offers alcohol-free options (though they probably wouldn’t think twice if you brought your own chilled Pacificos.) If you want to drink like a lunchtime local, enjoy a jamaica, a deliciously tart hibiscus tea, or a horchata, a creamy, rice drink sweetened with cinnamon. 

Handmade Tortillas at Carnitas Miguel, Baja California Sur

Tasty Vegan Options

Vegans and vegetarians need not worry, because Carnitas Miguel has tasty meat-free and dairy-free choices. Carnitas Miguel offers some of El Pescadero's best vegan taco options. The favorite: Nopales, the “pads” of the prickly pear cactus, de-thorned and sautéed in spices. Nopales are available in a taco or a quesadilla and are absolutely delicious

Carnitas Miguel, El Pescadero, Baja California Sur

It’s In the Name: Carnitas

Carnitas is the reason we meat-eating taco lovers have picked Miguel’s as a mainstay on this adventure. This scrumptiously seasoned and lightly fried Mexican staple can be smelled from the road. People may actually follow their noses into here. 

Piled atop a flavorful corn tortilla with your choice of salsa and other fixings, carnitas are a flavor explosion. You’ll likely want a second order before your first one is gone. 

 Salsa and toppings, Carnitas Miguel, El Pescadero, BCS

Don’t Forget the Salsa

One thing to love about Carnitas Miguel and most of the authentic tacos spots in Baja: the salsa accouterments. If they don’t have a salsa bar, servers will often bring you up to a dozen sides and sauces, including a couple of types of salsa, cucumber, cilantro, pickled onions, lime, perhaps crema and a light guacamole. Suddenly, you are the master of your own taco. Once your taco arrives, it becomes a DIY experience with carnitas and tortilla as the canvas. Go wild.

The People

Sit down at a table and the women working the kitchen at Carnitas Miguel will take your order within seconds, and seemingly have your food in front of you just as quickly. They care about their customers and do their utmost to keep everyone happy, healthy and fed!

Just make sure you don’t fill up before the second stop on the taco tour. Next up is Barracudas, serving quite possibly the best fish tacos in Baja Sur.

Schedule a taco tour to enrich your retreat guests’ experience here in Baja Sur. 

Escape the daily grind, Topia awaits you. We are passionate about being a positive addition to our adopted community. 

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