Catching Up with Kris & Chelle

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Catch up with Chelle & Kris in our recent interview as we wrap our third season at Topia. After three years of hosting retreat leaders and their guests, we can proudly share that our return rate is over 80%! Team Topia is dedicated to the experience of our leaders and guests, and seeing this success is absolutely heartwarming. 

Preparing high quality, seamless retreats means developing systems and a positive, supportive work culture. Creating strategic processes and strong relationships maintains the integrity of the Topia business model. While you will see Kris out and about managing facilities, Chelle is behind the scenes making sure the logistics are handled and keeping the focus on Topia’s four main values. Team Topia is always observing and looking for ways to improve. 

Topia’s Four Main Values:  

  1. Deliver outstanding experiences for our leaders & their guests.
  2. Make Topia a special place to work for our team.
  3. Be a valuable customer to our local vendors & service providers.
  4. Ensure that we give more than we take and are an asset to the community of Pescadero. 

Chelle says her favorite thing about running Topia is, “When I’m sitting in my office working and I hear guests squeal & gasp. I smile and note what they’re experiencing (aka whales breaching, eating something super tasty or exploring the library) and feel a sense of pride. Same when I hear our crew laugh, talk and sing while they’re working or hear from our 3rd party partners that Topia has positively impacted their businesses.”

Being highly involved in the preparation is one of the many efforts that make Topia stand out. Once the details are handled, Chelle & Kris let their stellar team run with the plan. Chelle is infinitely grateful for her team and says that "Retreat time is show time, and that is when our team truly shines. Kris and I step back and allow them to do what they do best and we’re here for support."

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